This game's a bear

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Freecell 1691281389, currently being played. After 3300+ plays, the #1 time is 1:36, which is over twice the average #1 (0:43). #10 comes in at 2:36, again over twice the average (1:16). I won't even say what my best time is.



  • piece of er done in only 3hrs 45min o:) .

  • zudensternenzudensternen REGISTERED
    edited December 2018

    :D Were you, um, spending full-time on that?

  • Nah...did it over 3 days, 1hr 15min per :| .

  • Here’s another challenging one:
    Which brings to mind a feature request: number of tries before solving, and cumulative time spent this one took me at least a half hour to solve. To my mind, with difficult games, the overall time spent is more interesting than the time of the single attempt that ultimately proved successful.

  • Both those games were tough to win! Always enjoy a good challenge!

  • I tried, what a toughie....will work on later.

  • Took me 2 min and 28 sec. loll. Quite a bear indeed

  • @zudensternen, tried your bear for real this time. Not very good at speed because I work with a mouse. Must have been lucky, got it on the first try in 4m6s. Which is good for me.

  • Wow @DeusExMachina, see what you mean. Took me 11m3s after 3 tries, little mouse was working overtime. Thing I found difficult... this game has most black numbers located at the top of the puzzle. took a lot of time figuring out a pathway to bring them down for a solution.

  • Merry Christmas Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @David, having trouble getting rid of this post...for some reason it appears even after it's been posted. May have something to do with writing it before realizing I wasn't logged in. Any suggestions?

    @zudensternen, tried your bear for real. Not very good at freecell, I work with a mouse. Must have been lucky, got it on the first try in 4m6s. Which is good for me.


    @anglais, I'm not sure what you mean… Do you mean the response in the comment box keeps coming back?

  • @anglais may have a draft re-appearing in your comment box. Go up, on this page, to where you see 'My Bookmarks' and 'My Discussions' and go into 'My Drafts' and delete.

  • @David, I made the following post to zudensternen in December.

    "anglais December 2018
    @zudensternen, tried your bear for real this time. Not very good at speed because I work with a mouse. Must have been lucky, got it on the first try in 4m6s. Which is good for me."

    After writing this post, realized I wasn't signed in. After signing in, returned to discussion but my post had disappeared so rewrote and posted it. Trouble is, the post appeared twice and was unable to get rid of the second one. After rereading my message to you I can see it's difficult to see which post I was talking about.

    This isn't a big problem, would just like to know if it's possible to eliminate a duplicate post should it happen again. I think @Homedoggy may be unto something with the draft thing.

  • Another tough one for those who enjoy working for a win:

  • after 6:53 am giving up on unsolvable game , back to secret games

  • Just loved that game DEM. Like I said on another us slow players a more level playing field.

  • Here's a fun one:
    It has a couple of obvious opening gambits that seem very promising but turn into dead ends. At least I couldn't find my way through either of them.

  • Think I got lucky with this one. On first try, with a couple of undos, found the right path. Took a bit of time but finished 6th.

  • Make that 7th place. Can't thank you enough for posting these interesting games DEM. I would post some but, because I'm a newbie, not to sure if the ones I find difficult are actually hard to figure out or if it's due to my inexperience. Don't want to look like an idiot by posting games I find difficult that are in reality, easy :) .

  • Took me at least a dozen attempts to find a path to victory with this one:

    @anglais : I consider the game’s “You placed X out of Y” board to be a good enough sanity check on it’s a truly challenging game. If a game took me 5-10 tries and my eventual score was 3 minutes, but the board is full of 30-60 second scores, then I take it that it has an easy solution that eluded me. But if the best score is we’ll over a minute—with at least a few hundred plays recorded—that’s pretty solid evidence it’s a tough ‘un. Better still: fewer than 10 players have even beaten the game. In short, don’t be too bashful about sharing the testers you run across.

  • Thanks everyone .. am enjoying these 'gnarly' games - let us know if there are others!

  • Grizzly situation on unsolved games, thanks for message anglais , sorry about bad pun on this game is a bear, rotflmao

  • Good one Gerald, lol :) .

  • @DeusExMachina : enjoyed this game...finished in 4m50s but you are being modest, your eventual score is more like 2m6s. Even so, feel good about it. That's thing about tough games...solving it is reward enough no matter the standing.Don't tell David that :) .

    The thing I'm starting to do...before even touching the to look for what could be roadblocks to finishing a game. In this particular game I noticed problems with the double ten at the top and lack of easy access to the black eights. Once those problems were eliminated or reduced it was relatively smooth sailing.

    Is it my imagination or does the timing mechanism start only after the first move?

    @wtown : waiting for your gnarly games also.

  • Speaking unbearable, if anyone has played Golf Wrap Around, this game is unsolvable Game# 1215402895

  • @anglais: >> Is it my imagination or does the timing mechanism start only after the first move?<<

    That would be excellent news if true! I have always assumed that time spent studying the situation before making a move incurs the ticking clock.

  • @zudensternen, did a couple of tests...apparently it was my imagination. My mind must have been working faster than I thought with that game.

  • anglaisanglais REGISTERED
    edited February 23

    Have I got a game for you!!!, have not had time to solve yet. Game has been solved 5 times...fastest time 3m45s slowest time 24m2s

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