Why is Spider 2 not on the leader boards?

Game: spider2
Game #: 2862506679

What would you like to see?


  • I used to ask this question of my favorite game (Calculation) and I am sure they will give you the same answer - the game is not popular enough for the leader board. I don't ask anymore since, while I would like to be able to easily see which games of the day I have missed playing, the leader board attracts the speedsters who only care how fast they can solve these puzzles and I would like the high scores to be less cluttered with the amazingly low times.

    BTW, I can appreciate the skills involved in achieving extremely low times, I just don't find the pursuit of speed to be interesting. I'm here to relax, not frantically click/tap/however.... You're mileage may vary...

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    As much as I like spider4, I think spider2 might be more popular than spider4 if it were on the leader board.


    As much as you don't like it, it's already more popular :-)

    Title            Games Per Hour
    "freecell"       32705.72
    "klondike"       11593.98
    "klondike3"       5868.77
    "fortythieves"    4420.53
    "sht"             1934.31
    "pyramid"          888.20
    "yukon"            716.68
    "golf"             712.61
    "canfield"         588.52
    "spider2"          568.21
    "addiction"        519.22
    "scorpion"         516.68
    "hopeless"         307.05
    "spider1"          288.76
    "flower"           184.36
    "spider"           166.21
    "calculation"       70.45
    "gaps"              22.89
    "alternation"       18.21
    "sudoku"            13.61
    "maze"              12.16
    "golfwrap"           6.96
    "sirtet"             6.73
    "cruel"              6.61
    "dealwithit"         6.54
    "fourseasons"        3.44
    "asteroids"          3.31
    "klondikenf"         2.21
    "beleaguered"        1.94
    "14out"              0.06
    "fortress"           0.04
    "golfks"             0.01

    I’m fine with adding spider2 to the leader board, but I wouldn’t want to remove spider4 unless spider2 is not memorizable in the way the spider4 is not. I haven’t played spider2 enough to know. I like having a game on the leader board that the speed runners can’t speed run.

  • I prefer spider 4 because it is so much more challenging - it is actually the whole reason I found greenfelt and have been here ever since.

  • If the reason spider2 is not on the board is popularity, tahnit does make sense since regular spider is less popular...spider2 568.21 games per hour and spider 166.21 per hour....[please just put Spider 2 on the board.

  • I agree spider(4) is a much more interesting game that spider2, though I did try spider 2 and it wasn't trivial to win. There are so many paths available in Spider(4) that it often seems impossible and I have to have most of an hour to kill if I want to tackle it. That may explain Spider2 being more popular - I would not have guessed that it was...

    Of the three I like only Seahaven Towers is popular (you call it sh*t? B^) It is interesting that my other two favs are Spider and Calculation - two that seem to be unpopular with the hardcore speedsters....

    Isn't Alternation one of the hidden games you mentioned awhile back? I tried it and kind of liked it, but it seemed to be mostly unsolvable. For me the sweet spot is hard enough to be difficult, but not so hard to be unsolvable most of the time.


    Those are our internal names (you'll see them in the URL when you play a game). We pronounce it Ess Aych Tee (or just Sea Haven), and we're actually quite fond of it :smile:—It was our first solitaire game. Jim wrote SHT and I wrote Hopeless as a programming experiment.

    Anyway I posted the list more to tease Jim since I know he likes normal Spider a lot, not to get into arguments about what should and shouldn't be on the Leader Board. When we made of the leader board we hand picked games that we thought were a good cross section of the games available on the site. That's the reason there's only one Klondike game listed even though Klondike (3 Turn) is very popular.

  • Ah, yes, Seahaven Towers was my first computer based solitaire that I became interested in (well, maybe obsessed with B^). We had a SGI workstation at work (way back when) that had it and I was really impressed by the implementation. It kept your won/loss record but if you hit the "I give up" button, it would go off and decide if the game was solvable and not dock you if it wasn't solvable. If it determined that it was solvable, it would show you the error of your ways right in front of you! That added an incentive to keep trying if you thought there might be a way.....but then you didn't want to waste your time if it was unsolvable!

    It's quite a different thing with Green Felt, since if it's solvable, someone out there will find the solution pretty quickly, so you always know by looking at the scores.

    Either way it is a pretty entertaining puzzle most of the time B^)

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