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I am well aware of just how frustrating this server issue is for one and all and certainly appreciate that greenfelt guys are doing their best. Thank you. As a player I just want to know I kicked someone elses butt and am number one, even if only for a few short minutes. Please fix it soon!


  • I have discontinued play as it is so slow and not posting winning games that I am too frustrated. I have been home sick in bed with nothing to do. I miss my solitaire.
  • Could these server problems be fixed with money? I'd be happy to donate if this would help...
  • I would donate too.
  • Y Yo Tambien
  • Scores seem to be loading much smoother and quickly! Thanks for your hard work on the bug!
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    Thanks for the offer Robb, meka and buddha! The problem could be fixed with money. In particular moving to a new hosting provider or a larger machine at our current one. We may resort to that if we can't get things working reliably soon.

    We figured this would trick us into adding new things while we optimize our resource usage. For example, one of the changes we've done is to make the leader board query the server only once instead of 70 times (once for each game, each day). While we were fixing that we added places to the highscore table so that we can show where you are in the leader board even if you are not in the top 10! That should at least keep me from playing the same game over again when I can't remember if I've played or not.

    Thanks for for sticking with us,
  • I love the changes and everything seems to be working great!

    You guys are the best.


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