Mahjong Solitaire?

Have you ever though about adding Mahjong Solitaire to your games?



  • Go to and request to Jim or David the great founders of this site regarding your request. or go to Discussions and do the same Good Luck in your endeavor,

  • Don't waste your time asking for Mahjong - People have been requesting it for years but they don't take any notice.

  • is that even a thing? I'm for it.

  • I'm sure they have noticed. Jim and David do a great job maintaining this site, for free and ad free I might add, but this is not their livelihood. They have busy lives, so making big changes like adding a new game to the already great site may not be a priority. Please keep this in mind if they are not able to fulfill all of the requests they get.


    We definitely pay attention, but that doesn't mean we have time to implement everything people ask for. We always like to hear people suggest things because even if we don't respond, we pay attention to the frequency of what's asked—it really helps us get a sense for what is popular.

    As for Mahjong solitaire, Jim's not a fan though I am, so it would be up to me to implement it. But there's a lot more I feel needs to happen first, so don't hold your breath. :smile:

  • Mahjong? It's hard enough playing Klondike Solitaire.How about snap?

  • mahjong solitaire

  • mahjong solitaire

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