Dealing ! The first two months I aced game ater game ! I say you have tightined up the deals ! Oh ye

Game: klondike3
Game #: 1364301803

What would you like to see? Let go of the card deals! You control the deal ! The Deck! The winners ! { WHY ? }

I WAS HOT TO TROT for two months! Now nothing! I'm Uncle Joe. I was playing this game before ANY OF YOU WERE BORN !
I LOVE THE GAME; I HATE THE CONTROLES ! WW II & Korea ! Veteran; I don't mind if I lose fair & square ! I have to hunt 20 games to play one game that I ill stand 1/2 a chance ! Take your foot off the dam brake let the game run freely or I'm gone! Uncle Joe; The Elder; dob, 10/23/27,



    Are you really turning 90 next week? Congratulations!

    I can guarantee you we have not tightened up the deals. They are (and have always been) shuffled randomly. I would love to have the ability to adjust whether the deals are hard or easy, since that would let users decide and not get frustrated by the games that are harder than they enjoy.

    What don't you like about the controls?

  • I hope david can correct any issues you have with the game...but I just wanted to thank you and all our veterans for their service. God Bless

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