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What would you like to see?

It would be great if there was an option to filter out unwinnable games, so only those that can be solved will be made available to play.


  • agree at least the game of the day should be winnable

  • All the games are RANDOM, to winnow out ONLY WINNABLE games would require: ** A:** A human to play them BEFORE they are presented to make sure they are winnable OR** B:** An APP/program or AI Tool to play them and place the WINNABLE ones in a queue for future presentation. IF the APP/Program or AI Tool were invented and available why should we play at all? The JOY is doing YOUR best to win even when you know maybe you can't.
    IT'S A GAME.. "The NFL Win/Lose squad has decided the Lions win, thank you for coming you can go home now"

  • Thank you @barzonymous. Love the applause.

  • Like

  • You deserve all the applause @Ptownpapa.

  • Yes, I agree with @barzonymous and @sierrarose . Excellent response, @Ptownpapa ! Knowing if a game was winnable or not would take much of the challenge out of playing.

  • Answering the question is good. Telling the poster why he's wrong to want the feature is out of line. Different strokes and all that.

  • anglaisanglais REGISTERED
    edited May 17

    @Ptownpapa...a clarity of mind and expression that we, your admirers, can only hope to achieve one day.

    @Arborist, I agree with you to a certain extent...playing a game not knowing if it's winnable is certainly a challenge, on the other hand, playing a winnable game and not being able to win or at least finish would be disheartening.There are certain games I play where I cannot, for the life of me, put a single point on the scoreboard...yet I have the proof that it is winnable by looking at the "high scores".

    @ashgoes, I understand how frustrating you must feel...you are a recent member on GreenFelt so welcome to the club.
    First of all, congratulations on posting your first post. It took me quite a while before having the nerve to put in my point of view for the first time.
    Second of all, I have a suggestion for you, which everybody uses...to see if a game is winnable or not click onto the Leader button, if there is a list of names then its winnable. The times you see posted beside the names are fantastically low...these times are real and possible but don't concern yourself with them for the moment.
    Practice and more important enjoy yourself and celebrate your success' because they will come.

  • @anglais empathetic, encouraging, civil responses - nicely done.

  • @ashgoes, have just re-read my message to you...something I need to clarify. The Leader button refers to specific games called Games of the Day, for all other games we have a sort of a winnable feature except we call it a High Scores button. This feature not only gives the first ten players of a game but also their scores. This is important to a beginner because the scores reveal if the game is easy or difficult. Games that take seconds to solve are normal times for good players, games that take minutes to solve show they are most likely much more difficult.
    To summarize, before you start a game verify the High Scores to see if winnable and how difficult it is.

  • @anglais - I love the Greenfelt Message Board - It starts with one comment or proposition or desire or ad infinitum and ends up sharing recipes. Your post "Leader Board" was what @ashgoes was asking for and being ignored until the posts started flying. It is the living embodiment of the Industrial "TEAMS" I remember in the 90's. The ones that were successful had members that listened and reacted with support. Greenfelters are an amazing bunch. To
    quote @graeme PLAY ON

  • anglaisanglais REGISTERED
    edited May 18

    @Ptownpapa, thank you for reminding us what the Greenfelt Message Board is all about. It is not about individuals but of the members that make up the team... and the various contributions that are made. In this particular case, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to make a small contribution that hopefully, will help someone use the tools available on this marvellous site.

  • Personally I don't see the point of playing a hand that is not winnable. I just check the high scores and if nobody was won I don't bother playing it, waste of time.

  • In the immortal words of Tevye the milk man "You are also right" Thank you Sholem Aleichem

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited May 24

    But, @AugustWest, often a game that shows on high scores as "not winnable" will get won later. Sometimes someone comes along and figures it out. I like to check back later in the day. I often try the "non winnable games" because I love a challenge and I don't care if I lose and sometimes I win that game that I thought was unwinnable. Testing my brain (or what remains of it).

  • I think that's what we all said

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited May 23

    Beg to differ-as I was responding to @AugustWest, specifically about relying on the "high score" board. Because sometimes "unwinnable" means "hasn't been won yet-check back later.".

  • " Because I love a challenge and I don't care if I lose and sometimes I win..... "

  • Just love the way these discussions lead to a completely different menu😄. May sound strange but I agree with @AugustWest, @barzonymous and @Ptownpapa. You are all right...it just depends on the different point of view and reason for playing.

    Unfortunately...the person who started this conversation has not been heard from since May 14th. This means that he/she has not seen a word of all this meandering...perhaps a good thing.
    @ashgoes registered as a member May 6th, the same day as the request was posted. The first reply to that post was on May 15th, one day too late. I have the impression he/she waited for a reply for two weeks before apparently giving up. We may have lost a good member.
    Pretty sure there is a lesson here...somewhere...can also think of a million excuses.

  • Ptownpapa et al. Just returned from sunny Dorset.Enjoyed the above discussions.Part of the enjoyment for me is not knowing if the game is winnable or not.The challenge is finding out.Each to his own.Win/lose,either way just play on and enjoy.A little disappointed that the discussions have not morphed into some other subject..Perhaps Philosophy,the joys of knitting........beer? Take care my friends,always nice to read your comments.

  • PtownpapaPtownpapa REGISTERED
    edited May 26

    It being almost Memorial Day and our home being in tourist&second home heaven I was not able to get my weekend beer run in. Mayhap Sunday while all the heathens are sleeping off Saturday night. Ptownpapa's rule: NEVER TURN LEFT AFTER MEMORIAL DAY. Play on my friends. Welcome back graeme! .A pleasure to hear your Welsh voice.

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