Very low times

Something to get rid of the cheaters and/or bots that are turning in times like 5 seconds to finish.



    They are usually not bots! See

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited April 19

    Usually not?
    Okay, there was that one time that I did it -- and then promptly reported what tool I used and how it worked.
    Of course, I cannot speak to whether anybody around here is cheating. I tend to doubt it. But I'll confess that the two times that I've seen a time of 0 seconds for a Freecell game, I wondered if it was legit--or if there's a bug in the code (no offense, Jim & David!)
    Anyway, as one of the players who (with practice) can post a sub-10 second score on almost any Freecell deal, I can speak for myself that my times are achieved using nothing other than my brain, my fingers, a 2021 iPad Pro and, most importantly, Super Moves.
    Since the various videos I've posted over the years have not satisfied the skeptics, I've pondered what might suffice. The best idea I've come up with is a live challenge: Pick a day & time and a specific game. I'll record video from the second I first load the game until I break at least 10 seconds--faster if the game lends itself to it (I typically know within about 2-3 minutes what a realistic target is: whether it'll be a challenge to break 10 seconds, which is only rarely the case, or if 5-6 seconds is reasonably achievable.)
    We could either have someone post a link to a game or go with the first game at the top of any hour. (In case you're not aware, the site essentially starts a new series of games every hour...) Of course, the most obvious choice would probably be the first game after 12:00am GMT, which is the fresh Game-of-the-Day. And I suppose I could just do this & post the video, but I'd rather know that at least one person is even interested before I go to the trouble! :smiley:

  • @DeusExMachina you're always inventive. I hope someone accepts your challenge.

  • I find it rather discouraging. There is one person who plays under a couple of very similar names. In Klondike he/she has times of 15 seconds. No one can make 139 moves in 15 seconds. Once in a while I see the same person in Canfield or Pyramid, but not very often. Again, the times are unbelievable.

  • @UglySlippers please try to change the lens you are viewing GreenFelt games with. Play for your own satisfaction, your own best times, your best self. Practice, practice, practice.

  • Hi @UglySlippers I know how you feel. I also used to feel discouraged at first, always trying to be the quickest or have at least a respectable time. Gave that up pretty soon when I realized and accepted my limitations. Mice are not as fast compared to nimble fingers and good quality equipment. Learned to enjoy my humble success' and sometimes discovered surprising good standings in the Moves column.
    At the same time, I have admiration not envy for the people who can solve games with astounding times. Realize the work and effort it takes to learn how to recognize patterns and solutions to these games. That takes time and determination to achieve these unbelievable results.

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