Time vs # of moves

I've been playing for years. Sometimes I'll do one off's and get back to work. Sometimes I'll play a lot of games back to back. I do well enough to satisfy myself but now that I'm indoors more at an independent living facility I do more of the latter. I've noticed that far more often than chance, I'll have a relatively speaking longer time but a higher ranking in the top ten. as measured by fewer number of plays. I want to say it's evidence of a more deliberate approach to play. Anybody out there have thoughts on this?


  • Old saying: "TOO SOON OLD, TOO LATE SMART" - AND as a famous violinist answered when asked by a tourist in New York City. " How do I get to Carnegie Hall??" OBVIOUSLY "Practice my boy, Practice"

  • I like that one.

  • Yes: practice, practice, practice
    (Also hee, hee, hee @Ptownpapa )

  • @graeme....good morning friend. Saw you at #2 on game of the day. I don't usually check but it was first game that showed up on Klondike when I started today. Way to go. I miss our chats from days of yore. I'm sure you've got your garden going and is beautiful already. How is your brother? Hope Chris, Cath and you are all doing well and of course Treacle. As you always say play on and stay safe. XOXO

  • @binky3 Nice to hear from you.My brother passed away on Easter week-end,still coming to terms with it.He was a lot younger than me but we have to move on and remember all the good times.......not easy.Weather consistently wet but managed to cut the lawns.Will be planting pansies and violas next week.Hedges to cut lots of weeding with the help of Treacle.Chris and Cath are fine as is His Highness.I hope you and yours are well and that,hopefully,you have come to terms with your sisters passing.....it's not easy.However grievous the circumstances and loss,all you can do in life as in cards is play on....the game is never over.Thanks for your thoughts and keep in touch.

  • My condolences @graeme Iā€™m sorry for your loss šŸ•Šļø

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    I'm so sorry about your brother, @graeme.

  • graeme...my condolences on the loss of your brother. ā˜©

  • graeme, I am truly sorry for your loss

  • @graeme my sympathy on your loss.
    A few words I read many years ago ... happiness and joy can coexist with sadness

  • Can I thank you all for your kind words.I wouldn't normally express my emotions but it was a response to binky3's enquiry and the fact that she too has recently lost her sister.I believe the above reflects the bond that exists between us on this site and I am grateful to you all,my friends,for your concern.For now I will keep the good memories of my brother in the corner of my mind to be retreaved when the pain has gone............a good game of solitaire helps.Take care everyone.

  • @graeme.....So sorry for your loss. Of course you are in my thoughts during this very painful process.

  • @binky3.....Thanks my friend.Spring is here,and with it comes new life.Time to look ahead now.Take care and regards to your family...........is there a binky4?

  • @gandalf1936 Welcome to the world of Independent Living.
    @graeme My condolences also.

  • @jezzbelle.Nice of you.Thank-you.I hope you and yours are well.Take care.

  • @graeme ā€” Late to the game to offer my condolences. I lost my only brother years ago; he was only 66.

  • @zudenstemen......thank-you for your thoughts.My brother was 69 when he died.Far too young.Never too late for your kindness.Take care

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    @graeme Please accept my sympathies for you, and your family, on the loss of your brother. May your memories of him give you comfort.

    @gandalf1936 Lots of practice is the magic to getting better at these games. Enjoy... :)

  • @Sage Thank-you.Very much appreciated.He will be missed but plenty of good memories.My regards to you and your family.

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