Very cool-April Fools' Day cards

Thanks for recognizing this holiday. If anyone hates the cards-just click on "normal cards" option.


  • I must be getting even older - I played 3 games before I noticed. COOL indeed!

  • Thank you change is good, just click on "normal cards" button

  • I didn't even notice a difference in the card backs but the red suits in Klondike are so bright red, they're nearly orange, at least to me. It could just be me, though.

  • Took a couple looks to see why 'special.' Good job guys.

  • I just thought "Whoa, what's this?" until I remembered what day it is. If the colours hadn't been slightly off, I probably wouldn't have noticed. :D Thanks...

  • That was brilliant! I also had to do a double-take!

    I wonder if it could be made available as a regular option (never as a default), because of being fun.

  • Did'nt notice any change.I am getting old.Nice thought though.

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