Excessive drop accuracy required in drag-and-drop

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I find that when I drag-and-drop cards to a new position and drop them, if I do not position them perfectly exactly over the dark rectangle that appears, it's interpreted as some kind of fancy combination move and the cards get bounced (as an extra move) to the empty cells or some other column. I then have to undo the unintended move.

This happens a lot, even when I'm paying close attention to where I drop. Even 1/64" off seems to be enough to cause a bounce. This game is not target practice, it's about moving cards, quickly when possible. Please increase the margin allowed for a simple drop.


  • P.S. Love the game, though!


    Thanks for the feedback, @Stevoo. I’m not sure I understand exactly what’s happening. The black highlight indicates where the card will go when you let go. If the cards fly around and you move somewhere else without letting go, then the cards should move back automatically. The highlight is based on your mouse / finger position being in the card border, so if the mouse or your finger is in the middle of the card border then it should be stable. Of course, when two card borders overlap, like they do in most piles, and you can drop the card on either, then you need to hover over the unique part of the overlap for the destination where you want to drop the card. This is likely what’s messing you up.

  • Thanks. With your explanation that the black outline just indicates which static card will be attached to, rather than being a target area indicator, I've been able to significantly reduce the number of times a card bounces off after dropping by stopping and looking at the indicator before dropping. The remaining bounces are probably due to an extra click generated by my mouse after dropping. (I'll have to get a new mouse.)

    But even so, having to do the extra check before each drop is a bothersome distraction to the rhythm of finishing a game quickly. The other versions I play occasionally (freecell.net, Brainium) are able to correctly attach to the card I intended to drop on without using an outline that I have to stop and pay attention to. Just a suggestion.

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