In the last two days the degree of difficulty has increased incredibly. I like the challenge but I haven't changed anything and wouldn't know how to if I wanted to. Has anyone else noticed anything or have any suggestions or help?


  • @sonybologna Wait a couple days. Games may get easier. Games sort of like ebb and flow of ocean. One day there might be a series of games that are ever so satisfying to solve. The next day nothing works. Sometimes it's a streak of a couple days of bad, then some good. Play on.

  • Ebb and flow of the ocean.I do like that.Very lyrical.

  • and here I thought it was my mind coming and going with the phases of the moon....

  • Or the alignment of the stars. Though we Aries don't believe in all that.

  • Sierrarose.You have started something now .This could go on for some time.

  • Thank you everyone!

  • graeme....I was getting ready to send the hounds looking for you. Haven't seen or heard from you in days. Was getting worried. How is your brother?

  • Hello binky3.Thank-you for you'r kind remarks.He was with us for the week-end.Half-way through his chemo.Hoping and praying he will get through this.....we'll see.I'm still playing.Very busy watching Wales lose against Scotland and England.Never mind.Play on! Thank-you for you'r concern.Take care and my regards to binkys 1 and 2

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