Glitz in 2 Suited Spider

I'm using a new computer and notice that while I get new games in Free Cell, the 2 suited Spider seems to only be giving me the same game over and over. Also, my choices of card back and size keep defaulting from what I've set. Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong that's causing this. I love playing the games so much and do so many times every time, even if I don't always sign in. My bad. :-(

Again, thank you so much for your site. Keep up the good work and best of everything to you.




    Does “New Game” button work and give you a new shuffle you haven’t seen? Does this link work: ? Are you using a private window? Do you have cookies enabled?

  • I don't know. But....... I freely confess that getting used to the new computer could have affected what I was doing. Things seemed ok last night. Hopefully it was user error and not on your end......... though this morning Spider still does not keep my card backs and sizes. That IS new for me. Thank you for responding.

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