Why do I keep getting games I've already played?

I keep hitting "NEW GAME" and Forty Thieves keeps giving me ones I've already played, win or lose, high or low score, "winnable" or not. Of course, I haven't memorized the games, but when in doubt, I click high scores or give up and there's my user name, sure as shooting. With all the gazillion games, you'd think the odds of getting the same game a few days later would be really low, let alone 10 times in a row. What gives?


  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
    edited October 2023

    Hi @Treecie
    @jim in an earlier thread, gave this explanation

    Each day the order of games is fixed so that everyone plays the same shuffles. Once you play a game we create a cookie in your browser to say that a particular game has been played. One way this can break is if you don’t allow us to set these cookies. Or if you play in a private window (where cookies are not persisted). Most sites store your games on their sever; but we want this to work offline, so we use cookies.


  • Thanks. I get it now. I'm using the Brave browser.

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