1. Cache that a logged in user has clicked to remove the "Report a bug" bar at the bottom. (It takes up useful screen space, and shouldn't need to be removed each time.)

  2. In Seahaven Towers, clicking in green space activates "solve automatically" feature, but only for the area immediately below the cards. At the start there is a fair bit of green space which does not respond to that click.

Thank you all so much. I spend too much time on this site.

Game: sht
Game #: 1920689261

What would you like to see?



    Hi @tennyson,

    These are good suggestions. Thanks.


  • Random question: Why do you suppose that sometimes the final score doesn't just shows that little wheel spinning? No biggie, just curiosity mostly.


    Likely our server rejected the update? Not sure. When this happens can you see your score if you close the high score box and open it again? Do you see a small spade in the upper right corner with a number next to it ((the number accounts the games that still need to be sent)?

  • Jim, thanks for the answer. I don't know the answers to your questions but if it happens again I'll pay closer attention. Like I said, It's no biggie. It doesn't happen very often and I just figured that the "score updater" (whatever it's called) was busy (overwhelmed) at the time. As you can see, my question was posted at 2:20 AM. Couldn't sleep and it happened again so I thought I'd ask. :)

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