Offensive Usernames

I can no longer participate when I see offensive Usernames please see attached. I find it hostile regardless which political party is being disparaged. Please advise?



  • Hi @Vamsidas if you tag the greenfelt guys @david @jim with your report, they will cancel / asterisk the offensive language

  • Hi fingsaint, much appreciated. Do add their names @david and @jim just like I did here so they can read my earlier post and see the attachment?

  • Yes @Vamsidas I think they’ve acted on your report because the user name doesn’t appear when I search

  • Yes please do something about the offensive user names. Such a distraction.


    Thanks for the report. That user's name is now censored.

  • @david while you're at it, could you have a chat with whomever has DPN safag and tell them that's really kind of offensive to anyone here who is LGBTQ? I get the joke and all but people shouldn't be a joke simply for who or what they are. Gays and lesbians aren't an epithet yet it's used here as a derogatory word. Not very cool. Thanks!


    @AnniePanny Thanks for the report

  • I totally agree to keep usernames apolitical. Can't you Left wing a--holes give our former and soon to be re-elected President Trump a break even when you are playing games?? You are full blown Trump syndrome twits. If you have to be political, how about Bidenisacrook or Bidenbrainabsent

  • MIIfordgail, I won't comment on whether or not I agree with your opinion, but I'd like to point out that your comments are just as bad as theirs. Please take the higher road and ignore them. You've already reported the issue. I just think ALL political stuff doesn't belong here. This is a fun and relaxing place. Politics are neither. Thank you.

  • I just ignore them. I spend about 3 seconds on the game result page. But I do believe when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. And someone who wants things apolitical would not insult voters they disagree with on a solitaire site.

    Political name games are a pretty juvenile way of expressing yourself. And it has to be amusing to people in other parts of the world who don't do this.

    edited August 2023

    @MIlfordgail we appreciate your efforts to keep the Green Felt forum apolitical, and friendly, not to mention classy.

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