Why isn't the game graded by the least amount of moves? Some of these practice the same game over and over and over to win in seconds, which to me is not the aim of the game.


  • Click on "Moves" at the top of the column and it will show scores by number of moves.

  • Well guess what: some people who play to win with the fewest move also practice. One bit of evidence is that the Game of the Day often has multiple entries for the same player with the same number of moved, as seen. This screenshot shows two such cases.

    And what, may I ask, is your authority for declaring that practicing to record a faster time is “not the aim of the game”? I mean, I get that it’s not your thing. But suggesting that either practicing or playing for speed is wrong strikes me as judgmental.

  • Why not strive for the fastest score, if that's your thing? People playing on this site have a variety of goals, aims, in their gaming. Live and let live. Be kind to your fellow players, and appreciative of this site.

  • I'll second all that.Northwest Kathleen,enjoy and improve your game with practice and perseverance.Many on this site have been playing every day for years.The aim of the game is to enjoy it.Perhaps you should ask yourself why you are not playing as well as some others and act accordingly.Criticism of others won't help you'r game.I hope you take this advice without offence.I wish you and you'rs well.Take care.

  • @DeusExMachina
    I'm not trying to start anything here, but I don't understand your evidence above. To me it looks more like trying to get a faster score, though if you use your same name I thought you only got credit for the first one with a given number of moves in the leader board, so that seems pointless. I'm having trouble coming up with an explanation for those two pairs of entries. The only thing I can think of is that sometimes I'm curious if I can solve a hard Flower Garden game a second time since I usually forget what I did to solve. I also never have any idea how many moves I've made and often am surprised how well or badly I did compared to the rest of the world., To me "practicing" to get fewer moves seems unproductive at best.

    BTW, I have always been impressed with your speed abilities. No disrespect is intended at all.

  • I find that having both the fastest time and the least moves is when I feel like I have really won. I always see what standing I have by playing the game for time, then clicking the moves to see where I stand there. Point is have fun and play any way you want, there is no right or wrong way.

  • @dbwoerner perfectly valid point. I’m only guessing that the duplicate Move scores by @Carpediem+ & @RogerThat came in the course of attempting to reduce the number of moves, but it’s possible they were trying to improve their time. I’ll stand by my guess on the grounds that they recorded exceptionally impressive Move counts—the best and second best move counts for that game. I’d be willing to bet that they were seeking to carve another Move off and break the elusive 70 barrier.
    As for why the board shows two scores for those two players, that happens when a player records the identical best score by the sorting parameter; it doesn’t matter what the score on the other parameter is. It’s not uncommon for me to fill the whole board with identical times for a few minutes as I struggle to carve one more second of my time.

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