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i came across this recently
New? I can't find any way to it thru the menus. Looks promising.


  • An interesting find.

  • zudensternenzudensternen REGISTERED
    edited April 23

    Fantastic, thanks @cellborn. I have been wishing for a facility like this to explore what the database knows. But so far the most recent 100 games only says:

    unable to load high scores

  • @zudensternen , if you double-click on "statistics" you will see some. Though I'm not sure what they are telling me?

  • Click the Time Played button, but brace yourself. It tells me I have spent just over a working year playing Freecell — over 260 8-hour days. Of course that covers a span of many years. Still. Jeez.


    Funnily, I didn't even know you could get there by that particular URL and I'm frankly surprised it even works! :smile:. There is a user page for each registered user on the site but we haven't publicized it yet because that nice graph is not optimized well—The DB query is super heavy and I never pushed my fix for it 😬. Also I'm not sure if the data on them should be public or private by default. Currently it's all public, but most games with user stats these days seem to be concerned about privacy (I don't get it and always set mine public, but some people feel very strongly about it and it seems a bit rude to ignore their concerns).

    That said I use those pages a lot since there's some useful administrator stuff on them that (locked behind admin privileges of course)

    FWIW, my stats look like this:

  • Oh dear.

  • Mostly not working at the /user URL.


    The statistics are slow (until the DB has done it once, then it's cached and fast for a while). That's the main reason it's not released already. The 100 recent games is locked behind admin privilege at the moment.

  • @david kudos to GreenFelt. After being stunned by my statistics, I realized it was the many hours GreenFelt saved my sanity during the Covid years. Thank you.

  • A sanity saver for covid, the death of my husband, the long months between football seasons. I played 40 Thieves on another computer long ago, but have added Alternation now. Thanks

  • I was also stunned by the number of games I have played. Playing Greenfelt during Covid has been a blessing to all of us. Thanks Guys!

  • jezzbelle.Sorry about you'r loss.These games are,whithout doubt,a life saver in these troubled times.I have just noticed that all the 40 thieves hours are mine.I congratulate myself on supporting this game entirely on my own.I promise all my Greenfelt friends that I will endeavour to continue to do so.It,s after all a worthy I get a prize for this?Keep safe my friends and play on.

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