Freecell numerology

Here's how I have been amusing myself lately: seeking out and playing Freecell games with numerologically interesting numbers. I started with game one.

(To choose your game, append its number to . Green Felt accepts game numbers up to 10 digits long, i.e. from a universe of ten billion. If you call for a game using 11 or more digits, you just get a random game as if you hadn't said ?game= at all.)

All single-digit games have been mined pretty thoroughly (thousands of plays), and the #1 and #2 spots are mostly claimed by @3bc and @bongwater with sub-10-sec. times. Here is an interesting pattern of user names in the top 10 for the latter part of this series:

Game 7: Sea-eagle, kingfisher, Albatross, Kite, Swallow
8: Sea-eagle, Kite, Hawk, Albatross, kingfisher, Vulture, Osprey
9: Heron, kingfisher, Swallow, Sea-eagle, Osprey, Kite
10: Sea-eagle, Hawk, Gannet, wren, kingfisher, Albatross, Swallow

Here is numerological territory ripe for exploitating by those (ahem, @DeusExMachina) who want to go on record with a #1 position. Except for game one, most have been played only a handful of times.

1 11 111 1111 11111 111111 1111111 11111111 111111111 1111111111

I have played the 2s as well but that's as far as I have taken this daft pastime to date.


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