Transparent Cards? (Pyramid)

The cards in my Pyramid games are suddenly see-through, plus I can no longer see the face of the card coming up in the pile -- it doesn't appear until I click on it and it goes into action. Are these new features? I'm finding both conditions very distracting. It's harder to focus on transparent cards in the pyramid, and I can't make a decision about what to do with the card I'm drawing until it has either already pulled a match off the pyramid or been relegated to the discard pile. I guess I'll get used to this, but it's making the game harder to play.


  • homedoggyhomedoggy REGISTERED
    edited March 24

    The only thing you might be doing is inadvertently pressing one of the number keys, say #2 which illuminates the duces and leaves the rest of the deck transparent. Its meant to be a helpful feature.

  • Thank you! I must have done that by accident. The problem has cleared up now, but thanks to you I know how it must have happened.

  • Glad I could help. Have fun!

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