Move counter registers surplus moves at speed

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I've been on a Forty Thieves tear lately, competing on both moves and speed. But I've been noticing for a couple months now that when I play very fast, the move counter registers ghost moves that simply shouldn't exist. You can try it with a simple comparison test on today's Game of the Day.

First play the two aces on that are on the top of the tableaus, then leisurely turn over the 64 cards in the stock pile, one at a time. Give up, You ought to have a score of 2 in 66 moves (though for some reason. (You need to move at least one card to the foundations to register a score and number of moves.)

The next time, try moving through the stock by holding down the F-key; it should take about seven seconds. When I do this on my computer, the program registers 71 or 72 moves.

The difference usually isn't so stark, but I find the inaccuracy aggravating. It's frustrating not only when it comes to trying to get onto the leader board, but also in the process of trying to work out the most efficient way of attaining a given score.

What gives? Does the program simply estimate how many moves have been made?

Cheers, Misha (otherwise a big fan)



    That is annoying. Thanks for the detailed reproduced!


    You are right. The exact thing that was happening was that any attempted redeals on a non-redealable deck were accidentally being counted as moves. This included the "f" key shortcut and also just plain clicking. Whoops!

    It should be fixed now. In that forty thieves game I now always get 66 moves no matter how many times I click on the empty deck or press "f".


    (though for some reason you need to move at least one card to the foundations to register a score and number of moves.)

    Behind the scenes we still record those games, we just don't show them in the high score table because it usually means someone didn't play at all, just looked around, moved a couple of cards and gave up. Sadly this backfires on some tough games like Scorpion—if you just can't get any score at all (because the deal is just bad) then it looks like nobody played it even though people may have spent a ton of time trying to get something done.

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    Wow, that was fast! And I wouldn't have expected that the problem was a redeal click – which of course you¨re much more likely to do when you're in a hurry B) Thanks so much! 🙏

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