Rise Up against the Robots

I'm getting annoyed that the "Bots" are taking over the solitaire games.


  • There are no bots.

  • What she said. There are no bots.

  • I would ask you then, @witsend, what would be the purpose of "Bots" taking over the games? For what reason would they be doing so? Perhaps they really do have feelings and like to relax after a hard day's work?

  • To be or not to be.That is the question.................

  • I'm just an old fashioned humanoid but I find it hard to believe a "person" could win a solitaire in something under 30 seconds. If not a "bot", then some souped-up computer and reverse time continuum feature not mentioned in the manual.

  • please read numerous posts on this site on the use of Super Moves, which can dramatically decrease playing time.

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    Or just read the FAQ https://greenfelt.net/faq- in the section under "Solitaire Games" where this similar question is answered and videos showing exactly how are linked.

    There is also an explanation of "Super Moves" in the RULES section above each game, @witsend.

  • Another unbeliever.

  • @witsend Breaking 30 seconds on your first solution is not even much of a challenge once you get the hang of super moves. It's worth noting that when people are playing for speed, getting to the first solution often involves restarting the game several times--trying one line of attack, then restarting & trying another approach. Here's a video of me winning a game in 26 seconds. It shows me loading the game, checking the leader board (to find a game that others had already completed in less than 30 seconds), and then making two attempts before finally completing it. Total time from loading the game to last move is a hair under one minute. If I practiced that solution--fine-tuning it along the way--it would probably take me about 3 minutes to get the time down under 10 seconds. Maybe 5 'cuz I'm rusty at Freecell.

    FWIW, when I first came to Greenfelt, I too assumed some players were cheating. Then I learned about super moves, started practicing, and 3 or 4 months later I was one of the people suspected of cheating. (Even after I got good enough to break 10 seconds every day on the Game of the Day, I remained convinced that 3bc had to be cheating in order to not only book the fastest time but also get among the lowest move counts--on the same solution! Turns out he's just an order of magnitude better than me. Definitely faster. Almost certainly smarter. And likely nicer.)

  • Deus, enjoy reading your posts

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