Snow just started

We should have two feet by Thursday (Twin Cities).


  • @zudensternen Sympathy. My "babies" work in Twin Cities and always worry about them commuting on ice over snow over ice. No Metrodome to collapse this go around.

  • Thanks @sierrarose . Both cities are really bad at clearing the side streets in winter: too many cars & no place for them & the plows can't get up a head of steam. At least the plows have great names — my favorite is Blizzo. (Lizzo is from here.)

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    Snow Cream time! , all rain , wind and severe thunderstorms in south for tomorrow , possible isolated tornadoes

  • @zudensternen I saw an article about snowplow naming; thought it was a great idea. Blizzo not mentioned but I l love it. Stay safe out there.

  • 3 more weeks of it per Punxatwawny Phil :s

  • @sierrarose Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (where I live) had a snowplow naming contest, and the winners out of over 2100 entries were:

    Amarsleet Snowhi (Our mayor's name is Amarjheet Sohi, and he was just fine with having a plow named after him!)
    Blizzard of Oz
    Blizzard Wizard
    Buzz Iceclear
    Connor McBlade-It (named after hockey player Connor McDavid, for those who aren't hockey fans. When asked about the results of the contest, Connor McDavid responded “Pretty funny. That’s Edmonton. They’re hockey crazy and that’s why it’s fun to play here.”
    Darth Blader
    Fast and Flurrious
    Mr. Plow
    Peter Parka
    Plowasaurus Rex
    Plowy McPlowface
    Qanniq (“Snowfall” – Inuktitut dialect)
    Snow-Be-Gone Kenobi
    The Big Leplowski

    The winning names are even being displayed on snowplows throughout the city, Here's one.

  • @grammajo You go Edmonton! Great snowplow names. Adds a bit of lightness to what seems never-ending winter. Being a former IT person, I gravitate to ctrl+salt+delete. Thanks for adding to post. <3

  • @sierrarose I seem to remember you posting at one time that you're a former IT person, so I thought you'd appreciate this picture. :)

  • Go Darth Blader!

  • I'll go with Blizzard of Oz

  • I might have to go with Fast and Flurrious today. When I volunteer at St V Dining Room ("soup kitchen") we call our team Fast & Furious - box about 400 lunches before starting meal service. Today being an official blizzard day per NWS, we worked fast and flurriously. (Thanks again @grammajo )

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