Time to Be Thankful

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It's not Thanksgiving (and it's an American holiday anyways). But this time of year is the per time to express our thanks for all the blessings we have. I'll start. I'm blessed with a good family (6 children, 13 grandchildren, 1 great-grandson and oodles of extended family). I don't see many of them very often, but we still have love for one another. I have good friends. Not many, but I know we are true friends. My health is okay; not great, but I'm still here. I'm not rich, in money, but I have the things I truly need. God has blessed me with challenges to make me stronger.
And I get to play on greenfelt.net. with a really great group of people.



  • kat14kat14 REGISTERED
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    Well said, @ggmaterre! No matter our circumstances we can find much to be thankful for.
    It's all a matter of attitude, and you have a great one.

  • I have family that I like and, mostly, they like me back; good friends; pretty good health, active enough that I do a lot of volunteering which brings me enormous satisfaction (and a weekly schedule to my life); and my GreenFelt card-playing colleagues ... a never-ending source of chuckles, music, new knowledge and sense of community. Thanks for the start @ggmaterre

  • Well said ggmaterre.I agree entirely.Chris and I have been through the mill a few times and have been well blessed in coming through.Cancer can change you'r life and outlook but it can make you realise what's really important in life.Now more than any other time of the year is the time for family and friends and remembering those no longer with us.I wish all my Greenfelt friends good health and a good life now and in the coming years.Almost time for a cup of tea.Take care.

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