Foul User Names

There is someone who has various user names that involve the words F_ck and Putin. I find profanity to be offensive and would like to see this user or anyone else using profanity to have to change their user name. Come on people does everything need to be spoiled because of no class and immaturity?
Jim and Dave - can you help?


  • The foul-mouthed idiot is back. Game #2096593027 11/10/22 position #5
    We F_ck Putina. Can’t either Jim or David get this user to stop this?

  • Jim and David have posted before that they don't see much of a problem with this kind of language so don't get your hopes up too high. I'm not a fan of such explicit names either but apparently it's tolerated here. Sadly, our option is to stay and tolerate it or go.

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    edited November 11

    @AnniePanny I don’t think that’s accurate. @jim and @david do their best to combat rank obscenity such as what @hound cites. Their preferred method is to replace bowls with hearts. They have opted not to police what could be thought of as second tier vulgarity, and they’re on the record that they will not get involved with usernames of a political nature that offend folks on one side of another.
    A good approach if you’d like a specific name addressed is to message them directly.

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