Rename the Give Up button to Results

Some people resist ever giving up, maybe more would be less resistant if the name is changed.



    Thanks for the suggestion, @unruly1. I’m personally reticent to “Give Up”, so I understand your motivation, but “Results” seems too passive given that your game ends when you click it.

  • Besides...If you just go to another game, it records your score the same as if you "Give Up".
    The "High Scores" button is basically a "Results" button.

  • Give up is pretty descriptive of the function. "Results" won't tell the user that their game ends at that point, and they might think they can continue playing to improve their score. This of course will lead to a whole new category of redundant bug reports...

  • “Owigimbs-ttmo” button.
    Oh Well I Gave It My Best Shot - Time To Move On

  • Some people are reluctant to ever giving up; perhaps more would be if the name was changed drift boss.

  • @jim and @david ... @redcurran (comment above) has arrived at Green Felt, yesterday, to comment three times on three different posts. Each comment contains a link to a suspicious website (I'm assuming this, I'm not clicking on them to find out.). Thanks...

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