Won but scoreboard says otherwise (Freecell)

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I tried this game ( https://greenfelt.net/freecell?game=422573242 ) a few times before winning it, as confirmed by "You beat the game!" But it shows only a score of 3 for this run (10 moves, 7 sec.). Perhaps that was the score of the previous attempt and the scoring got off by one?

BTW: In Safari / Mac it is not possible to attach a screen shot. It just says "Uploading...Please Wait" forever. Finally accomplished the upload with Chrome.


  • It is not possible to attach a screen shot with Safari on Mac. It never changes from "Uploading...Please Wait." With Chrome, the upload was eventually successful. gmail


    @zudensternen, that can happen if you undo to a previous game and then continue it. We let you undo if you accidentally hit the "new game" or "replay" button, but we only allow scores for a particular game once, so if that happens it lets you continue even though the score doesn't work (since it technically already got scored implicitly when the game was ended by the button press). I don't really like that behavior—it's confusing and it seems unfair to let you go without some indication that it isn't going to work.

  • @jim and @david ... @redcurran (comment above) has arrived at Green Felt, yesterday, to comment three times on three different posts. Each comment contains a link to a suspicious website (I'm assuming this, I'm not clicking on them to find out.). Thanks...

  • @jim Thanks for the explanation. certainly sounds like that is what happened.

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