Can I refresh the score board to see what the scores are after I play? Pretty proud of myself.

Game: freecell
Game #: 296961768

What would you like to see?


  • Yep. Just tap/click the High Score button. Unfortunately, that version of the popup doesn’t include the number of players…

  • clearlysurfingclearlysurfing REGISTERED
    edited June 26

    According to your version. The High Score button only has to be touched and clicked

  • You can click the Moves heading and the Time heading alternately to see the scoreboard refreshed with current top 10 and your score placement...

  • After you play, keep the tab open showing your score(s) and the total number of plays. Click "Show a player's first score, not their fastest" and the board will update with the latest figures. You can do this until the plays total stops updating, usually hours later.

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    @david and @jim ... @Silajay 's comment above is a link. Don't click on @Silajay 's comment, everyone, they've only joined Green Felt to post this suspicious link to a questionable website.

    Username Silajay Joined 12:28AM Visits 0 Last Active 12:28AM

    P.S. Should I keep mentioning, and warning against, all these spam comments? Does it do any good?

  • Sage, though I never click on those links, I, for one, appreciate the warnings....just in case the mood should hit me one day and I get stupid and want to click on a link. :)

  • I honestly wonder why someone would come to a (mostly) solitaire card game site and post all sorts of links to games that have absolutely nothing to do with solitaire. It's very odd.

  • Sage, I admire all the effort you have put into Greenfelt and I appreciate your warnings regarding the latest scams.
    Thank you and keep up your good deeds.

  • @Sage I too appreciate your cautions and warnings. I encourage you to carry on. And thank you.


    @Sage, we do notice and appreciate and eventually ban and delete their comments.

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    Thanks very much, everyone and @jim , I appreciate your support. I'll keep doing what I'm doing... play on!

    And, @jim and @david , I love the "USER BANNED PLEASE CARRY ON" sign! (Click on this -> @Silajay <- to see what I mean.)

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