If there is a charge for playing this game please let me know

Thank you for this Marine Corps Women Veteran to enjoy your solitaire game without competition. It really does help to stimulate these old brain cells. Also it helps to hold my rosary beads while playing, If it isn't going my way I can pray a decade.


  • It is apparent when the cards are all dealt that mine will be minus a lot of cards for example there will be no Hearts or there will only be black cards distributed

  • All of the games are absolutely free. Also, there are no cards missing in any of the games. It would also help to know which of the games you are playing.

    Glad you like the site-great place to play.

  • Thank you for your service...this from a Marine Corps brat. :smiley:

  • ggmaterreggmaterre REGISTERED
    edited June 2022

    Yes, thank you for your service. This comes from an Army veteran, the Mom of a Marine, Mom of a soldier, and grandmother of 2 lady Airmen. Welcome to greenfelt.net!

  • Heardle Game is known for its song system and features a wide range of genres, from classical to modern. In addition, the songs that are played in this game are logically constructed, and the majority of them include a diversity of rhythms, from soothing to exhilarating, to prevent monotony. Show that you won the Heardle Game by skill, not luck, if you enjoy music and have a large and varied personal music collection.

  • @jim and @david There's another spam/scam link in @jenniemi 's comment above. See "Heardle Game"... Don't click on that, anyone.

  • @dleedom Thank you for your service, from the son-in-law of a WW II Lady Marine.

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