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Klondike Solitaire game repeats each time I go away and come back.


  • Could you explain in more detail? Do you log off? Just go to another game? Are you certain that it's the exact same game?


    First, thanks for providing the game number that repeats! You are the first person with this compliant to do that. Second, how do you “come back” to Green Felt? One way is by a link like this:

    And the other way is with a link that looks like this:

    Notice how there’s a game number, “your” game number, on the link? Every time you click the second link you’ll get the same shuffle. Don’t do that if you want a new game each time. Bookmark the first link and you’ll get a new game each time. Bookmark the second (however it happens) and you get the same shuffle each time.

    I hope this is enough to solve your repeating game. If it’s not try posting here again and maybe, with more information, we can find a different reason?

    Have fun,

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