Another supermove fail

In this vignette from Freecell #1296438581, clicking on the 7 in left column should result in: 4 to red 5, then 7-6-5 to red 8. Doesn't. You have to do those two moves separately. I hit Give Up after this position.

@Jim do you want me to keep posting these as I find them? Are they helpful in debugging supermove edge cases, or is improving supermoves just not on the priority list? (I could understand if that's the case.)

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    Yes, please do post them! At worst it’s a reminder and at best it’s another special case we need to cover.

  • One more: Freecell # 2131436490. Click on the 2 of diamonds. What should happen: 9 upstairs, 10 to red jack, ace to home, 2 to its ace. None of that occurs. I hit Give Up after this position.

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