Love seeing old friends!!!

@graeme....You did it again...Put a big ole' smile on my face (much needed). Bumped into you on Klondike just a bit ago and as usual you were leading us. Hope you and Chris are doing well. If it's tea time, please set a place for me as I would love to join both of you. Love you both. binky


  • @binky3 , you are such a bright spot. Seeing your friendship with @graeme warms my heart. I enjoy seeing both of you online. My best wishes to you.

  • Hello binky3 and ggmaterre.Love and best wishes to you both.It's nice to hear from you.Binky3,Chris is in bed with flue and I'm just recovering from Corvid even though I recently had a booster to add to my previous three jabs.I have just decided to paint a large cross in red paint on our front door........just in case! It's lunchtime now so I may treat myself to a pasty.Just made a tomato stew for's her favourite.Treacle will have some of my pasty and anything else he can grab.To you and all my friends take care and play on regardless.Bye all.

  • I hope both of you are feeling better soon. The jabs work-as in making Covid a lot less horrible when/if you get it.

  • Thank you so much @ggmaterre.....such a great compliment to receive first thing. Yes, my friendship with @graeme was instant. I said right away his personality, sense of humor and kindness was so like my late brother I just fell in love with him right away. @graeme, so sorry to hear Chris is ill but with your expert care, hope she is on the mend and gets well soon. Also, didn't know you had been down with COVID. I've heard that people are getting it even after vaccines. I bet Treacle is helping with the nursing part. Are you having any of the carry over symptoms I've heard about? Please take care and y'all get back to normal very soon. Thoughts and prayers to you both.

  • Hello barzonymous,binky3.Side-effects in my case .....runny nose,not much of a cough,chesty but not short of breath,no temperature...just tired and uncomfortable.Lasted about five days.You are quite right.Without the jabs I would be in trouble.No after effects...I'm fine now.It's tea-time here and Chris has just emerged from bed.She's starting to issue directives and instructions so she must be getting better.Treacle is a great help.......if there is food around.Not sure if Chris has Covid or not......need to get tested.Apart from that,everything is fine.Thank-you all for you'r thoughts and concerns,it means a lot......plod on!

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