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When I was sitting up with my grand-daughter while my wife is under going cancer surgery, we were playing Green Felt solitaire when a user name popped up in the top ten. That name is "swallow hiscock" and is not appropriate for your site


  • I agree 100%

  • I wish the least amount of moves were the winning scores! I do not see how it is possible for someone to look at the board and MAKE the moves in mere SECONDS!

  • Hello barryaclarke.You are quite right.Send a message via Jim/David who will erase it.Hope you'r wife has a successful operation.Tends to happen mostly on Klondike.Take care.

  • On the "high scores" table, click on "Moves" and it will rearrange the scores in order of moves. Yes, it does seem impossible to move so fast, but it's not. There are multiple threads and instructions on how to do it, including super-moves and it helps if you have the right device so you don't have to use a mouse. Me -- I never come close on time, but once in awhile manage to be first by moves.

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