Make the timer visual

Game: klondike
Game #: 267988029

What would you like to see?


  • Show the timer during the game


    Sorry, @kuleka, we’ve decided against a visible timer.

  • perhaps redecide in the other direction?


    The chances are almost zero that we'll ever a visible timer by default. We've tried it and both Jim and I hated it—having a timer ticking up is both visually distracting (it draws your eye to the timer and not the game board) and added a weird stress to playing (if you get stuck you start worrying about how long you've been stuck instead of just focusing on the solution).

    If we were to ever add a timer it'd be something you'd have to opt into. And right now we don't really have a nice place for user options like that.

    Points and moves are slightly different in that they only change when you make a move, so they're not nearly as distracting or stressful. We currently have no immediate plans for that though.

  • The less stress the better. Thank you for not having a distracting timer.

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