Love is Greater and Good Knows it

Hey, Mr TrumpTrain,
I just beat you on Seaheaven Towers and I am so proud to beat any bully lover. Let's get Trump to join the game, and I will be honored to beat him too. My family goes back to 1620 in New England, and I KNOW that Love is the Truth that God wants us to understand. And Trump loves No One, but himself. Either does Putin. Actually, because they are bullies, they are the most insecure people in this world, and they have never learned how to love and accept other souls in this world. They must be RIGHT, even when they are entirely WRONG, and they are willing to kill millions of people to have their RIGHTNESS.
Love, your dear American Friend, Elisabeth Harvey Diekmann


    edited February 26

    @Lissie_Love Do you really want to have your name at the bottom of this post, so the less than high-minded of us can find you, your phone number, and your e-mail address, et cetera, in a fifteen second Google search?

    And is this animosity towards another solitaire player, or anyone, for that matter, really necessary? @Lissie_Love , you're also assuming this user name was taken because of admiration and respect when that may not be the reason, at all. Isn't it about time for the whole world to drop all this hate and bitterness and realize that, indeed, love is truth and what the world needs to go forward into a better, more altruistic future?

    @david and @jim You may want to remove, or edit, the post above for privacy's sake.

  • Sage, me thinks some people are needing a life. Perhaps we should introduce them to

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