selecting a card also picks up card behind the selected card

Game: freecell
Game #: 2746659649

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Please fix the bug that causes the card behind the selected card to be selected also. It is also annoying that the game tries to guess what you wanted and redistributes your cards accordingly. The game is trying to play the game for me.


  • You must be very careful in putting the cursor directly over the card. If it's to the very edge, it will also take the card behind if there is a place for it to go. If you click on the background, it activates the auto-play.


    Hi @bnmoore,

    Our goal is to help you play more efficiently. The cost for that is that, as @kat14 says, you have to be accurate and only click on valid moves if you want the game to stay out of your way. This was a conscious design choice on our part. We think removing the drudgery of obvious moves is worth more than having to undo occasionally when the game does something for you that you think it shouldn’t.

    Have fun,

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