Double freecell

It's a longer version of freecell and takes more thinking; blind moves are significantly less successful. Regular freecell takes me 3 minutes, and double freecell takes 20 minutes. I think it's almost always beatable, but I can't do it reliably. I can solve about 70%, and the rest seem to be solvable if I were to explore more.

I prefer this version:
There is only a single foundation, compared to other versions with two foundations. If you come up with two aces of the same suit, the second ace gets stuck, and you end up having sequences remain on the board. It creates significantly different strategy from normal Freecell.


  • Sounds like a good challenge @fcnewuser

  • This specific version of Double Freecell also allows the top card from the foundation to be moved back to the tableau. This lessens the times when I go, "I have to undo all those moves, keep that card on the board, then redo them".

    I don't know how this option affects strategy, but it seems to be mainly for anti-annoyance. The times when I do move 3 cards out of the foundation to open up a free cell are neat, but very uncommon.

  • Thanks fcnewuser , will have to check out some of games on this site. Alway open to new challenges

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited October 29

    Check out Panoidl. Triple Yukon. And Freecell with two decks.

  • fcnewuserfcnewuser REGISTERED
    edited October 29

    Triple Yukon is pretty cool, but desperately needs a better hint function. Like "these are the cards you can click on". At least a "press 6 to see the 6s". It also seems easy; I had little idea what I was doing but managed to clear it anyway.

  • When I play on Panoidl, the hint function actually moves the cards. But I rarely look at hinting. I play TY on Panoidl and Politaire. No hints on Politaire.

  • Solitaire is never stopping winning hearts. I recently discovered double Freecell and I'm trying to get more used to it.

  • Solitaire is never stopping winning hearts. I recently discovered double Freecell and I'm trying to get more used to it. I was ok with the original one but, I love trying new types of solitaire, especially because I consider it one of the best card games. I usually play on this platform:, since I have all the options available here. Playing solitaire has become like a routine if I could name it that way. I like playing it for some minutes to give my brain a pause from all the work he's doing during the day.

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