Score recording misfire

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@jim, @david — This sort of thing happens occasionally, rarely, and this time I tried to capture the available details. Game: . Got stuck, restarted game, won 2nd time. Attachment shows the actual win, but the score says I got 7. I think it might have been scoring the first abandoned attempt.

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  • This happens to me when I play a game again without clicking replay. So, I assume replay resets the score counter.

  • Might have been... though I don't know how you get a game to restart otherwise. (I usually use the keyboard shortcut G, not the button.)

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    I mean if you click a few cards and then click Undo until you're back at the beginning again. Or you start a new game but decide to go back to the old game, that you've clicked Give Up on or because you clicked New Game by mistake. What I mean is if you do anything to start the game over, without clicking Replay, the scoring won't start again. This has been my experience, anyway...

  • Gotcha. I don't think I do any of those things. Except clicking New Game by mistake, in which case Z takes you back to where you were in the previous game. Though what that would do to the scoring I have no idea.

  • Maybe uncheck "show a player's first score."

  • Oh, I toggle that on & off all the time. Each time the browser reaches out to the GF server and updates the current count of games. I like to see how long I last in the top 10 on the rare occasions I make it that far.

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    Just now I clicked the Game of The Day button, instead of the Auto-finish button, during a game of Seahaven Towers. I clicked the Undo button to go back to my game but forgot to click the Replay button. I then completed the game and the High Scores box didn't show my winning score but the score I had when I clicked Game of The Day.

  • Huh. That should be fodder for @jim & @david to work with.

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