Number of people playing a game

Why does the number of people playing Seahaven Towers go down the more games I play?


  • It seems that quite a few people just play the game of the day. That could be why. Plus a lot of people are playing anonymously, and if you have unchecked "Show anonymous players," that might also affect the number of players you see.

  • It must be the people only play the game of the game. I have done it both ways Show Anonymous Players & unchecked too and the number of players is less with each game I play.
    Thanks for the info

  • It's the same for every game. In a couple of hours, or after fifty or a hundred games, or the other players have taken a lunch break or something, you'll get games that no one has ever played. There are a billion of every game, so you have a much greater chance of getting a game that's never been played rather than one that has. Don't ask me how I know this... :| ;)

  • @Sage, I have that same strange knowledge also.....wonder why? Could it mean I play a tad too much solitaire from hour to hour???


    The set of games we funnel people into changes every hour. The fastest and/or most dedicated players get further along the list of games we have selected.

    edited September 29

    @binky3 Not at all! As @jim says, we're either fast or dedicated or both. And it prevents me from doing too much of questionable significance... housework, cleaning, chores, and the like. ;) For which I am eternally grateful! <3

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