Game: freecell
Game #: 1554870947

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  • Everyone who enjoys playing on greenfelt.net rates #1 with me @jcody123! #1. It's a sign of good taste. :)

  • I'm all for good taste.Fish and chips for supper.Stay safe.

  • Fish and Chips! I'm in @graeme. Too bad I live so far away. Elsewise I just might just show up plate in hand. Would that shock you and the missus?

  • Not one bit my friend you would be more than welcome.If you hurry you may just be in time for afters............fruit and cream.Take care.

  • You and your lovely wife enjoy. Someday I'll have a passport, this world-wide disease will allow us to travel wherever and whenever we desire. Until then imagination and great friendships must do.

  • @jcody123 if you click on "give up" button at end of game, you will see your rating, either by # of moves or by time, depending on which you've selected. Note also at bottom that you may include Anonymous players, or not. Also, @gmaterre is correct that your rating is #1 by selecting to play on this site. :) Enjoy your card playing.

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