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Game: klondike
Game #: 357009915

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  • A useful scoring system. I logged in and won 4 games in a row, all under 3 minute, and had a best score of 128. the 5th game I scored an 8 and got a rating of 115. Your scoring system is very faulty.

  • thought you might comment, but evidently your management is as faulty as your scoring system

  • Hi @ajf0sil do you mean where you are ranked after playing a game of Klondike? Taking your example - on the 5th game you scored 8, pressed “give up”, and the scorecard showed that you were in 115th position?

    If this is the case, the position you achieve is dependent on the number of other people that have also played the game. How many will not be a consistent number.

  • @ajf0sil I can't help but reply to your comment. In the 1 minute between your two posts, you've decided that "management is as faulty as your scoring system". Why? Because you didn't get an instant answer? David & Jim, who own this site, have full-time jobs and don't have the time to monitor every second. They provide this dollar free and ad free site out of the kindness of their hearts. Many, many people around the world use it and enjoy it. You'll find that many of these people are willing to help and give advice about the site (like @fingsaint above). The Greenfelt Guys respond to bugs and problems as fast as they can -- and they are ALWAYS nice and helpful. Have a little respect for other people. The world doesn't revolve around you.


    Yeah, 1 minute is a bit quick for us to check and respond :smile:.

    Every game (a particular shuffle of the cards) gets its own high score table. @fingsaint is right, your rank on a particular game isn't going to be comparable to other shuffles. There may be more or less players, the game might be harder or easier depending on the card order.

  • Go play in somebody else's yard.

  • It's time to enact the "Ignore The Troll" protocol.

  • I think I am missing something or I have brain freeze. How can you tell how long it has been between the OP's comments. I don't see a time of day...only a date.

  • @Nan01: the time is shown for a period. I’m guessing until the start of the next day. So I can see that your post was at 10:05. On a desktop system, mousing over the date shows the time.
    The first three posts in this thread: 12:08, 12:11, 12:12.

  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
    edited August 11

    @DeusExMachina the time stamp must operate by world clock time (more than likely based on ip location, in my case AEST) because for me the time of your post reads 3.23 am and @Nan01 is 3.05 am. All the other posts must be yesterday by my calendar because they are only flagged as August 11.

  • Thanks guys...

  • This is interesting, fingsaint. For me, DEM's time is 12.23 PM and Nan01 is 12:05 PM. I am on Central Daylight Time (USA). And, weird...all others are flagged as August 10. Ok, now I'm totally confused. :)

  • It's now 4.35pm by me.That should confuse you.Never mind.Always time for a cuppa.

  • It seems to me that the time you see is your local time, not in the poster's time zone.

  • kat14, finally dawned on me that that might be the case. :)

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