do not ruin my game with your discussions

Game: klondike
Game #: 1851334579

What would you like to see?


  • kat14kat14 REGISTERED

    Who is forcing you to read the discussions? If they annoy you so much, just don't click on messages! It's very simple, really.

  • Stop reading. Easy peasy.

  • Say “please”!

    Maybe if you told us exactly which discussions upset you, we could make an effort to avoid bruising you precious snowflake. (Of course, it’s also possible that some of us will go out of our way to pick at that scab just for sport & spite...)

  • Of all the whining and bitching I've seen in the forum this one takes the cake - with the bronze cross for pompousity and chutzpah. "What hath God wrought?" - where do "these people" come from and what has shaped them and given them the need to be so misguided? unsocial? dare I say silly? Play on green felt addicts, enjoy the day

  • All the Karen's are coming back to haunt us

  • howdy ptown, funny u should quote a book that was written thousands of years ago .. .. .. could it be that some things just never change? 😜

  • DeusExMachina....I'd say that picking thing is a distinct possibility, what with this rowdy group! :)

  • nanner, nanner

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