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Game: freecell
Game #: 1328735605

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Is there a way to adjust the size of the scoreboard? It is like it magically got bigger. I typically keep the playing area narrow so I have more room on the bottom and the scoreboard is bigger than the playing area.



    I’m working on it.

  • Like the new scoreboard size ,guys.

  • @jim thanks

  • I have same problem.


    I’d like to think I’ve fixed the score board size. If you disagree, please post a screenshot so we can try again.

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited June 30

    @jim: one more change is warranted, I think. For some reason, scoreboard shows an unlimited number of entries for incomplete games, the scoreboard popup does not have a limit on how high it can grow, and the popup is centered on the screen. End result: the top of the popup will extend out of view if you restart the game enough times so that the X to close it and the new score are inaccessible.
    Not a common problem—pretty much limited to the GotD—but stills would be nice to get fixed.
    Screenshot from 11” iPad Pro:

  • @DeusExMachina #10 seems to have had a makeover. Adding fuel to the wider conspiracy of falsified results 😉

  • smaller scoreboard please

  • I agree @fingsaint. The whole demonstration looks questionable. @DeusExMachina, why do you have to practice(?) so many times? You should do like others and be anonymous.


    @DeusExMachina, I had forgotten that it was likely for the scoreboard to be that long. I added absolute limits two days ago, so in theory it shouldn’t go off the screen anymore. Please confirm.

  • Hi @binky3 I was good naturedly ribbing @DeusExMachina about his political affiliations which he is quite open about. I have no beef with that.

  • @binky3: in the case of the game above, I intentionally hit Replay repeatedly in order to demonstrate the problem.
    The only game I practice is the Freecell GotD, and I remain logged in to do that because (a) I’m the only person to see all the scores for incomplete games, and (b) if I practiced anonymously, then each of my scores that are fast enough to make the leader board would show as “anonymous” (until I signed in, at which point, all my scores would be credited to me and only one would show.
    In case you hadn’t noticed, I play the GotD as DeusExMachina from the start rather than practicing under another name until I’ve mastered a fast solution and then signing in as Deus to get a bogus “first score.” I used to do the latter routinely because it was clear that 3bc and others were doing the same. Until one day I realized that was a completely lame rationalization and reflected poorly on me as a moral and ethical person.
    So these days I use bogus first scores with various usernames only to push one particularly obnoxious anti-Democrat trump-fan down a notch ore two on the GotD leader board—or off the board entirely on those days when he fills it with as many idiotic partisan entries as he can. And then I generally take pains to drop my scores just a second or two faster than his. Fortunately, he’s as mediocre at Freecell as he is ignorant in his political views, so it’s not remotely challenging.
    Happy Fourth to all patriots who believe in the right to vote and to protest our government peacefully and who appreciate that healthy patriotism includes honestly and frankly acknowledging our nation’s mistakes and problems.

  • @DeusExMachina......I didn't mean to imply that you were dong anything dishonest. I wouldn't know if you were. I just know that you are such a good player, it just looked a little confusing. @fingsaint, you seem to be too nice to accuse anyone of wrongdoing. Finally, @jim thank you. The scoreboard fits my screen very nicely now. Love to all and Happy 4th....

  • @binky3: I didn’t think you were accusing me of anything. Sorry if my response came off as defensive. My intent was simply to answer your question. (And then I went off on a bit of a tangent, as I’m wont to do...)

  • Love you all ... free wheeling discourse always gives me a chuckle. Happy 4th![( "")

  • try this again

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