• Hello there... How are you?

  • We're so glad you're here. Is there something you need? Or is this just a shout out zombie?

  • H for happy?

  • graeme....H is for happy for me. It does a heart good to see you in that #1 spot on the scoreboard. If not #1, your're right on tail. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  • Hello binky3.All fine here.I'm holding my own but surrounded by anonymice who are closing in on me..........I may not be able to hold out much longer...........never to be seen on the leader board again..........who cares! Hope you and you'r family are safe and well.Now for Wimbledon!Almost time for my cup of tea.

  • graeme I have my anonymice traps set so I don't have to see them. Just click that little box at the bottom of the scoreboard and it magically wipes them out so you don't have to look at them. Even for myself I don't care about scores. but the ones not logged in should not be tallied in with the ones who are. Enjoy your cup of tea....think I'll watch Escape to the Country, pretend I'm there and have a cup of tea with you.....cheers friend!!!!

  • Oh, and by the way graeme, you didn't look like you were slacking the other day when you were hitting that #1 spot almost every time.

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