Change in Freecell

Whatever you changed in Freecell, there are now far fewer players playing any game. When there are 3,500 rather than 350, it makes the game a lot more competitive. What was the change and can it be undone?


  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited June 8

    Just played-24,597 playing. Are you including all the anonymous players?

  • I second this. I used to usually always be in the top 1-5%. Now I'm more always in top 10-20%. A little frustrating. I think maybe non-winning scores are no longer recorded, maybe?

  • Hi @msola11 and @Dakusan the change was explained by @jim of Green Felt in the following thread
    “We haven’t had a change in the number of people playing, however we have corrected the way the score is reported. The main issue is people who play anonymously (i.e. without logging in). And most people play anonymously. The anonymous games don’t show up in the high score table (unless it’s the game that just finished). We used to report your place among the people who log in vs the number of people who played even if they weren’t logged in. This was inconsistent and compared apples to oranges. Now we’re only reporting your place with respect to people who are logged in. This does mean the denominator is smaller, but the resulting increase in your percentage is real.”

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