Impossible scores

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Klondyke Game #3599976199 The game was won in 22 seconds with 171 moves.... how is this even possible? Are we paying against Bots?


  • No.

    In FAQ, it's shown exactly how possible it is. And 171 moves is awful.

  • barzonymous...funny. :)

  • barzonymous I know its an awful score, I just did not understand how you could do 171 moves in 22 seconds. I've looked at Q&A and see there is Supermoves which I was unaware of and I've been a member for over 5 yrs!
    Never actually thought I would need to look at the rules for Klondyke or that Greenfelt would have changed the rules of a classic game to access unavailable cards, It's a shame imho, its spoiled it for me knowing this.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited June 3

    I don't think they changed any rules. Just clarified the tools available. And I think they were always available-someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

  • barzonymous I meant from the original version of Klondyke, long before the days of Green Felt ... Anyhoo! My time has now doubled as my ADHD brain tries to figure out this supermoves nonsense! :D

  • Supermoves, when you are able to make use of them, are a great thing. I discovered after about 8 months on GreenFelt but not really using until maybe 6 months ago. Once in a while the cards fall such that by using supermoves you can win in nothing flat. (Maybe not "win" but complete a game.") Worth experimenting with @IndyScotland .

  • Isn't 'winning' making the moves yourself ?

  • Perhaps "winning" is in the eye of the beholder :)

  • Slow clapping @sierrarose!

  • From another website I play on-words I live by:

    It is impossible to cheat at solitaire.
    The rules of a game are whatever the players of the game agree to. When you are playing solitaire, you are the only player, so the rules are whatever you say they are. Thus nothing you do could possibly be construed as cheating.

  • I'll second that!

  • Never, have I ever been able to access unavailable cards in solitaire, if you did that with a pack of cards it would be blatant cheating! No other word for it, so yes, you can cheat at solitaire

  • When I play solitaire here, it's not solitaire; it's OUTPLAY the other guys. So now it's not heavily dependent on luck. BUT - now there's such a thing as cheating.

  • Well, I'm finished with this game since learning the secret to those 32 second games is not expertise but knowing the how to game the game.

  • could just ignore other people's scores and enjoy playing the game for yourself. That's what I've been doing for years.

  • barzonymous, I agree. I know the game I play, Klondike3, is a simple game of solitaire, but I still don't worry about other people's scores. And...I wouldn't know how to "game the game" if it walked up and slapped me in the face. :)

  • I’m not sure what the dissenters are advocating? @IndyScotland @Spudz @spee-dee-mee @reddyfreddyborap are you requesting that Green Felt remove the supermoves option? If so, how will that improve your ability to play the game?

  • lassolasso REGISTERED

    I seem to remember still enjoying the games when whatever was going on with the server for those few months made it impossible to compare scores. And, btw, i dont use supermoves, so...

  • fingsaint is right.Supermoves or any other gismos are of no use if you don't have the skill/experience to actually play the game.I don't understand any of the above claims of devious behaviour and,like lasso,I don't use supermoves,whatever they are.Just enjoy the game.I'm going to have a cup of tea shortly.Stay safe everyone.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited June 8

    Well, it does no good if you have finally kinda figured out a few supermoves and are distracted by a new kitty who is working hard at training you. Brian and I can be speeding thru our games and then the cats do something cute and game forgotten and there goes the time. So, we just play on...eventually.

  • I'm here to enjoy myself and challenge my skills. I pay little attention to others scores. If they trouble one (you consider it cheating), either don't look at them, or go somewhere else. @David & @Jim have given us this wonderful gift. They allow us to use it as each sees fit.

  • Exactly.

  • Exactly! 'Use as each sees fit.' (@barzonymous: new kitty, how fun) (Here's a pic of one of my daughters now teen-age? kittens who rolled himself in blanket and was fighting his way out)

  • sierrarose, this is absolutely hilarious. So typical. I love cats! :)

  • Love that picture! Love all cats!

  • That is precious, but he is ready to attack. My sister has 3 cats. One of them looks just like yours. His name is Blizzard and oh so unpredictable. He can be so sweet one minute and the next, smack the crap out of her. When she's preparing their dinner, he rubs on her legs and then bites her ankles. Sorry to ramble but one can talk about cats all day.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited June 9

    @sierrarose, she is a lot of fun-but not quite as in love with our totally wonderful boy as we hoped she would be. But they're working it out-politely.

    Your daughter's cat is beautiful and knows the inherent danger of blankets.

  • @sierrarose, the look on your daughter's kitty's face is adorable! My coal black 14-year old, Snow White is still that feisty. Our pets keep us young. I know my dog, Mocha, Snow White, and of course, my grandchildren are what keep me going. Plus time! Play on...

  • Wonderful site.We start off with impossible scores and end up with a discussion on our pets.You can't beat it!

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