I Finally Finished No Foundation Klondike!!

It's been 2 weeks of 10-15 games a night, but I finally won at no foundation klondike . What a bear. But what great fun. Yipee


  • Congratulations!....it's a nice feeling.The more you practice,the better you get.More success to come?Take care.

  • After months and months of slowly practicing Forty Thieves, I'm finally getting good at it. Congratulations @terregma on your accomplishment! A feeling of satisfaction. And @graeme, you can't repeat "practice, practice" often enough. Or you can. Cheers

  • Oops. Seahaven Towers, not Forty Thieves. My mind must still be outside, gardening. :)

  • That's two of us.Too nice to stay in.

  • graeme...you know I like to stay informed about your garden, so tell me what's blooming now and what's about to come later. and describe the weather. (I'm sure you can't tell how much I'd love to visit your side of the pond).

  • Hello binky3,sierrarose.Glorious early summer weather here.Busy in the garden this week.Pansies,violas,marigolds and some roses already out but much more to come.Some rain at the moment but quite warm for this time of year.Hope you are both safe and well.Time for more gardening.The rain has stopped now.Take care.

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