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  • terregmaterregma REGISTERED
    edited May 31

    Bingle129. Body required means that you must type more than just a headline that explains your problem. Put it in the area just below please describe the problem in as much detail as possible: You must explain exactly what is wrong (give details) in your explanation. Markdown in your post is for more advanced texting. Just ignore it. @Jim & @David, as well as many other players want to help you. Just calm down and take it slowly. Everyone wants to have fun here. Give others that chance to help. I also was born BC (before computers).
    Welcome to the 21st century,

  • I'll second the above.

  • graeme, being BC has its perks. We remember when movies were B&W, for instance. 😊

  • movies ???

  • azgalazgal REGISTERED

    Our first TV (a used Admiral) had a speaker bigger than the TV screen. Great sound. Picture, not so much.

  • terregmaterregma REGISTERED
    edited June 1

    minstinask, you remember movies don't you? Those things we used to go to buildings to watch on huge screens. Places where we paid outrageous prices for drinks, candy and popcorn, especially popcorn. The pandemic forced us to resort to streaming these movie things on our large, sometimes very large home screens. We eat pizza, candy and popcorn, too, but the popcorn doesn't taste the same same. Well BC folks remember movies when they weren't all in color. Some were only black, white, and shades of brown and gray.
    But worry not. The buildings where you may watch all of them (any color) are open again! I saw "A Quiet Place I I on Friday in a real theater! It was fabulous. Go. See. You'll love it.
    And azgal, the picture and speakers were grand. (I remember the old TV sets with the poor quality picture) 😔

  • How well I remember my old steam driven radio and the 1871 vintage tele that only worked when nothing flew over us,including birds.Oh happy days! In regard to computers I'm still in the stone-age.......but who cares?....I can still play on Greenfelt.............what happened to smoke signals?

  • @graeme....hello my friend. Me thinks ye might be exaggerating a wee bit, but that's one of the reasons we love you so much. I hope you and Chris are still doing well and going strong. Don't know how this conversation got started in the Bug Report section, but we need to keep in touch more often. Hope you had a nice trip and good Memorial Day. XOXO binky

  • @ binky3.There must have been a bug in the bug report.It may have been the anonymice again.Chris and I are fine as I hope you and you'rs are to.Stay safe.

  • Great response, as usual.

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