Turn off super moves

I would like to have the choice to turn off super moves. It was more satisfying without using super moves and getting the stacks filled out. I would play the Microsoft version except your card graphics are better for weak eyes.



    Hi @87yrsold,

    Thanks for your thoughtful request. We appreciate that you took the time to read before posting. If you stick to dragging the cards rather than clicking, then the super moves will stay out of your way for the most part. Especially if you don’t linger while holding a card overtop of the middle of a pile. Even if do linger with a held card and cards fly all over the place, moving the card you are dragging away should automatically return the cards to where they were before flying all over the place. I know this is not the same as turning off super moves, but given we are unlikely to support disabling them, it might help to increase your satisfaction and still allow you to use a super move or two at your leisure and under your control.

    Have fun,

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