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Game: freecell
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Would it be possible to make the score display resizable? My laptop has a small screen and the only way to see the whole screen is to move it. After moving it the close feature is no longer reachable.


  • I have the same problem on my iPhone. I reported this a while ago but because of the size issue I can’t even tell if it was answered because I can only see recent posts.


    On a laptop you can hit escape (ESC) to close the high score popup. You can also close the popup by clicking New Game or one of the other buttons. On a phone, we don’t have a good way. :(. You can make the text bigger by using your browser’s zoom feature.

  • It is clear that greenfelt is struggling with freecell scoring, made more difficult due to large numbers of users accessing and playing newer games. The result is that there are lots of games being played, and no good way for them to display scores. The answer is not simple, as has been shown. Perhaps some sort of intramural game network is doable. Once implemented it should run without further attention.

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