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In Freecell today the K, Q, J have lost their pictures. They just have the letter and the suit symbol. Why ?


  • Same in klondike and scorpion

  • K, Q, J need to have pictures for Klondike.


    Yes, we broke it again and we aren't sure how :(

  • Certainly makes the games more of a challenge!

  • I am glad to see that these was not a planned changed and look forward to the problem's resolution.

  • azgalazgal REGISTERED

    Maybe it was an anonymous hack. Just trying to help.

  • They're back on Freecell! Thanks.


    Why ?

    Well, this happened about a week ago and we quickly undid it and then made a more permanent fix. Well, it turns out the "fix" worked just fine on our local computers but failed when we pushed it live on the server :-/. And failed with the exact same symptoms as before! It took us almost an hour to figure out what exactly was going on (why does the same code work on one computer and not another??*) and then to do a quick fix to get the face cards working properly again.

    * Turns out because the server was a missing directory (an empty directory even!)

  • You fixed it before I knew it was broken. Thanks.

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